About LadyRaRa

Hello my name is Rashida, the lady behind LadyRaRaBlooms. This is my first blog and I am so excited! I love to express myself through writing. It’s really therapeutic for me, it has always been since I was able to write at a very young age. Coming from a large family and being child number five out of 8 siblings, it was tough trying to express myself. My siblings all had personalities that overpowered mine.  It was hard to be heard. So..I created a space for me. My world was created with paper and pen. There I was free….sibling free 🙂 Don’t get me wrong I love my sisters and brothers, I just wanted a place for me. Now, I want to share my life with you all. Who knows, maybe I could inspire you in some way. Feel free to inspire me.

I did a lot of  brain storming with this name. I came up with all sorts of names that were already being used. Good names, but this name stuck with me. This name was chosen for my blog because it represents who I am…..a lady. RaRa is my nickname. I wanted a name that was elegant and fun. “Bloom” describes my growth after having gone through stages in my life that gave me the opportunity to bloom. So I guess you could say, bloom is knowledge, bloom is maturity, and bloom is beauty! And although, aging is inevitable, I don’t want to be old in my mind. I want to be forever blooming! cropped-2012-10-04-18-41-09.jpg


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