Appreciation Of Life

This morning was so beautiful. The sun was out, and there was a nice breeze. Nice enough to keep the car windows down (I prefer the fresh air anyway). While I was on my way to dropping my kids off at summer camp, I started to think about how much I appreciate my life and the lives of those around me.

The morning of Friday the 21st my Grandmother was rushed to the hospital. She had a massive stroke and she is now on life support. Anyone who has been in this situation knows what my family is going through right now.  She is a staple in our family. I don’t want to imagine life without her, but I keep in mind that, that sad day is slowly approaching.

You know, it’s in a time like this where we can use this situation to see and put things in the right perspective. It’s up to us to be open and receive what their life has taught us whether it’s good or bad. We should do whatever good it is to do for those around us because in most cases we don’t know when our loved ones will pass on. Most of the time it is unexpected.

Sometimes it’s  hard to get along with certain relatives, (whether it’s our mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin etc.) but we’ve got to try at least to be the bigger person. In my opinion being the bigger person means keeping a clean conscience knowing that you’re doing or you did all you could do. In the end..I believe that is all that matters.

Jessie and June Dugger
Jessie and June Dugger

2 thoughts on “Appreciation Of Life

    1. Thank you for your response to my post about my grandmother. I pray that she is comfortable and her mind is at peace also. You should sit down with your granny and ask her to tell you her story and record it. Our elders have amazing stories to tell. I wish that I would have done that. Thanks again for reaching out.

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