I Can’t Turn Back. Not Now. Not Ever!

2013-06-27 11.03.062013-06-27 11.05.52

Right now I have to do something different. I was thinking about Zumba. In the past I was reluctant to attending a class but now I’m entertaining the thought. I’m getting closer to making a decision to sign up for a class. I definitely know that I have to change my diet, again. I say again because I’ve been down this road before. I don’t eat some of the things that I used to eat due to wanting to loose the weight that I’ve already loss. Changing my diet back then helped me to loose the weight that I’ve loss.

I am doing pretty good with my food choices and I have Weight Watchers to thank for that. Being a part of Weight Watchers has taught me the value of the foods that I eat or want to eat. There’s a certain way that I want to look, and trying to get that look will cost me. I’m trying to get my mind wrapped around this food thing..I am really trying to “go hard” with loosing this weight. I have to give up bread, MY chocolate (It’s personal when I put the word my in caps 😉 ), and dairy. I don’t eat this stuff like that, but when I do, it’s dark chocolate instead of a snickers bar or a caramello candy bar. I’ll eat wheat bread and low fat dairy products. But where I’m trying to go…I can’t take those things with me. I am looking on the bright side of things (because you know there is a bright side). I am making an exchange and I believe that I will see results. I want to see results, so this is what I have to give up. Don’t cry for me 😦 It won’t be like this always. I’m not saying that I’m going to pig out when I reach my goal. I’m going to keep in mind how hard I had to get there and eat my snacks in moderation.

Achieving this weight lose goal is really important to me because I want to send a message to myself and to those around me that I/you can do all things though Christ who gives me/you strength. This is not just about weight, this is about me developing my mind to go after the great things that God has given me a desire to go after. I feel strong and in control while on this journey.  I want to work hard at this for me. It’s a faith thing. I believe in me. I can do this and I am doing this. I’ve come to far and I can’t turn back, not now, not ever. I told myself that this is My lifestyle.

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