I’m Just Dreaming :)

I went to the National Mall yesterday to see the fireworks and I have to say it was beautiful. It was so cool how they choreographed the  fireworks with songs. I wish I could see that more often. I wish I had a fireworks display just as big for me! Maybe for my birthday or some major event of mine. That would be a great gift to give to my mom.

You know I wonder if God does stuff like that in heaven? I can imagine it being even more detailed than our fireworks here in the earth. The fireworks would tell a story making pictures that come to life through the sparks. The songs would have to be great songs, songs that get the hairs on your body to stand up.   Maybe (since I’m imagining), if we were to look even closer focusing on the sparks in the sky, we would see that what appears to be sparks shooting off (in some kind of pattern), is not… but to our amazement we see people like you and I having fun performing in the sky celebrating those who are worthy to be celebrated. I’m just dreaming:)

That's my DJ! He's enjoying the festivities!
That’s my DJ! He’s enjoying the festivities!

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