It’s Colonoscopy Time!


The day is here and it is done. I had a colonoscopy today. I am so glad that this is over. I am done with drinking that nasty solution….yes! I couldn’t wait for that part to be over with….yuk! The procedure wasn’t so bad, being as though I was sedated, which was great. I’m going to cleanse more often with fruits and veggies. I’ve done it before and it really felt great. My health is important to me.  My Pastor said something profound. He asked “Would you put regular gas in a porshe? If not, why would you allow yourself to eat anything and everything? Why defile the vehicle that God uses. I am God’s ride…and I ain’t no cheap ride either! I can’t just be regular because I don’t want just a regular body, so I have to step it up a notch. I’m ready.

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