Welcome Our Newest Family Member

We have a new puppy and his name is Rocky. He’s adorable! I really wasn’t planning on  being a dog owner so soon but his demeanor won me over. He was so calm and cool. When I held him I just knew that he would be a perfect match for our family.

My son had been asking me for a dog for about a couple of years now, and my hubby also wanted a dog. My biggest concern was that I didn’t want to be the only one cleaning up after the puppy. Having a puppy requires everyone’s help, from the biggest to the smallest.

Well he is here and he was a cool and calm kind of puppy but now he’s bitting my hands when he plays. I do not like that 😦

My husband and I are looking at training videos on youtube about the playing and bitting issue with our puppy. Please feel free to give me and my husband some pointers on how to get our little “smookie smook”  to not bite us while we’re playing with him 🙂

2013-08-22 16.09.25

5 thoughts on “Welcome Our Newest Family Member

  1. Your puppy is adorable! And your son is a very handsome little man. 🙂
    As far as the nipping and biting, every time he does it, Yelp. Just like the kind of yelp the puppy would make if he was hurt. You will likely only have to do it a few times before he knows that biting hurts his “parents” and he won’t do it anymore. Worked for us with both our older dog and our new pup. Good luck!

    1. Thanks we are so blessed to have an adorable puppy; his outside matches his inside. Thanks to the compliment about my son. He is my little man but sometimes he can be an old little man…lol 🙂

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